Scary Childhood Films

Gmork from The Neverending Story! This one really did scare me, the scene where he jumps out of the wall is what I remember most.

Anyone remember these scary characters from their childhood? These are a few that have stayed with me all my life so deserve to be in the scary list!

There certainly doesn’t seem to anything quite so messed up these days!

My Airbrushed Two Tier Skull Cake!

Airbrushed Skull Cake

I made a skull cake for Halloween this year, I’d bought an airbrush kit and was itching to use it! So I started to plan the design of the cake, I had seen something similar on-line so thought I’d try that!

I searched everywhere for a skull stencil to use on the cake and ended up having to get one from Poland!! But it was too big really, the first two cakes you see here are my first try, the other cake is the final one I did on the day. I actually prefer my first attempt!

I had actually ordered two lots of stencils in case the ones I used were too big but only had the big one on the day! Or so I thought!! I was so busy doing the cake that I hadn’t noticed the post, It had come that morning before I had started painting! Grrrr Oh well gives my a chance to try it again!

I will do a tutorial on this showing the stencils ect and linking where I got them from ect and how to make the cake, It will be on my cake site which is it will be my next blog post on there so if you follow it you will get notified when I do so.